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The IntellCorp Group has in its genetic base an ethically and morally independent position. As agents and producers of information, counter-information, protection and security activity and services, the main objective of the IntellCorp Group (although having legal personality) is, not being an agent with moral and ethical properties, to protect our customers, managing information and shielding the risks of the contemporary world to the maximum. The interests surrounding the IntellCorp Group are exhausted in their first and last purpose: to ensure compliance with the contractual relationships in which their companies engage, without making value judgments, or assuming any type of positioning, which is only and always up to the companies. competent authorities to resolve.

The IntellCorp Group has a well-defined and rigorous internal information management policy; on the one hand, companies have a commercial aspect as usual, but on the other hand, given the complexity and peculiarity of the companies' business areas, they have an independent and closed operational side about themselves. This policy of ethical walls essentially aims to protect the three intervention poles in each mission that we carry out: first, to ensure all confidentiality and secrecy on the part of our client, and secondly to also ensure the safety of our employees.

The IntellCorp Group is not an ordinary business group; every day we are confronted with customers and situations that can be ethically complex to analyze and clarify in full. We know that the distinction between good / evil is a subject that has preoccupied humanity for several millennia; we also know that it is very likely that this concern, or at least some kind of awareness about the moral reality of any type of society, is perhaps a reality that cuts across the animal world (and not just a matter of humanity), however, every day our companies are often the expression of a continuous exercise of deconstructing myths, culturally relative historical prejudices that surround us and that ultimately constitute our civil society, our most coronary civil and religious institutions.

Our companies are committed only and only to their own principles: our Code of Ethics commits us absolutely to the excellence of the service provided and to the guarantee that we are never involved, nor to our customers, in any type of criminal practice in the jurisdictions where we perform our services. These are the last and first values ​​that underlie our mentality as a group of companies. The reality with which the IntellCorp Group often faces itself is extreme and critical; the only way to guarantee our survival is simply to be absolutely committed to our customers and their concerns, as well as to our own teams on the ground (direct or indirect employees). In all cases, we try to guarantee the maximum safety of the stakeholders, knowing in advance that many times it depends on us, on the rigor that guides us, on our professionalism in the way we approach reality, and also with certain values ​​that we incorporate internally to carry out our operations.

Internally, we have as fundamental principles certain values ​​that we demand from our collaborators:


The IntellCorp Group is governed by a strong compliance policy in order to ensure compliance with the law and the Anti-Money Laundering rules. The IntellCorp Group always complies, under any circumstances, with a complete and structured preliminary approach - from all stakeholders - in each case (whether they are any type of private or governmental organization, as well as in the case of a particular individual), by calling whenever necessary, all Know Your Customer (KYC) diligence in operations that may appear suspicious. We frame the reality of each of our customers, as well as what is asked of us with the utmost consideration: in all cases we are always interested in evaluating on the one hand the risk of the operation in question for our customer, for our direct employees and indirect, as well as from our sources.

The IntellCorp Group strongly refuses to provide any service to clients involved in homicides, arms trafficking, narcotics and human trafficking, terrorist activities, corruption, money laundering, fraud, qualified fraud, crimes of criminal association, tax fraud as well as all types of illegal activity in the jurisdiction in which we operate.

In the event that the IntellCorp Group becomes aware, previously or later, that the operation for which it was contracted is intended for; or that there is any kind of direct or indirect objective in our contracting for some activity of an illegal nature, since the right reserves the right to immediately terminate unilaterally and terminate the contract that has started with its customers without compensation.

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of our employees. Our work always requires a personalized hyper positioning, adapting ourselves always and permanently to the reality we face in each situation for which we are hired, but in order to mitigate risks for all parties, we are primarily responsible for the principles of rationality that we introduce into the field.

Our services are adapted to each specific situation and each terrain in particular; the final product is always the result of a high degree of professionalism in meeting all the functional and non-functional requirements of each operation, based on the cohesion of our team. Based on our experience, we know how to meet the needs of those who seek us and it is on this basis that we work: our Code of Ethics, our morality has only one direction and is only committed to the success of each particular operation that we accept to carry out. carried out by our customers.

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